3D Capture

architecture, engineering

Building involves architecture and construction, as related and important elements. Architecture is the primary component in that it involves the planning and designing of buildings. Construction is secondary in that it takes place after architects deliver designs to the construction company to handle post-design stages to execute final construction. Construction managers will approve and hire specialty contractors, or sub-contractors. Mining is defined as the industry or process for the extraction of useful materials from the earth.

3D models created with our professional scanning devices digitise buildings and objects with great accuracy. This facilitates remote access and enhances project management. Ad-on capabilities include ability to transform spatial data into formats such as point cloud and other formats that can be exported for utilisation in building information model (BIM), etc.

At 3D CAPTURE, we scan and digitise buildings, rooms, facilities and physical assets. Our solutions can save time, educe costs, enhance productivity, improve safety, enhance collaboration and improve management of assets.

Some of the key benefits:

Save valuable time by reducing the number of physical site visits.
Reduce travel expenses by also introducing remote inspections.
Remote access promotes collaboration and project management.
Save scans of different phases of project for future training purposes.
Creation of files for export to other software i.e. BIM, floor plans, etc.
Create guided tours of remote facilities for training, inductions, etc.
Create virtual walkthroughs for health and safety, evacuations, etc