3D Capture


Educational institutions are places where people of different ages seek to gain an education, including preschools, childcare, primary-elementary schools, secondary-high schools, postsecondary colleges and universities.

Over the period of a lifetime, parents will invest a significant amount of time and monetary resources in the education of their children. In fact, it will likely be one of the most significant, if not the single most significant investments. Parents and students alike can be provided with the opportunity to virtually visit and experience educational institutions and facilities. 3D models allow for touring of facilities like classrooms, libraries, laboratories, dormitories, etc

At 3D CAPTURE, we can scan and digitise buildings, rooms or physical assets creating digital twins. Useful to parents, prospective students and existing students alike. The showcasing of educational institutions and facilitating the ability to virtually navigate and experience the facilities can be achieved.

Some of the key benefits:

Learning institutions like universities and schools can showcase their properties and facilities
and be more accessible to parents and students.
Label items within 3D model with digital tags i.e. libraries, dormitories, etc.
Guided virtual tours of campus or school facilities for prospective students.
Create virtual walkthroughs for health and safety, evacuation programs.
Facilities management, including improved layout and space planning.