3D Capture


Property typically involves sellers and buyers of properties, which can be residential or commercial properties. Intermediaries such as real estate agents typically assist either sellers and/or buyers with a range of services.

Over the years, platforms like websites and other online channels have been used to create digital marketplaces for sellers, buyers and intermediaries. Photos and videos are the primary content used to showcase the properties.

3D scanning technology can not only produce high definition (HD) photos and videos and reels, but it can go further and facilitate remote access and engagement virtually. Through interaction with 3D tools, prospective buyers can view the properties virtually, and experience the surroundings without the need to be physically present. Benefits accrue to sellers, real estate agents and potential buyers with parties able to “digitally” access properties.

At 3D CAPTURE, we can scan and digitise properties, rooms, furniture and fittings. Our solutions are beneficial to sellers, agents and buyers alike. We can speed up sales, save time, reduce travel costs, facilitate a more immersive customer experience and enhance the digital marketing content

Some of the key benefits:

3D scan produces content incl. doll house view, 3D tour, HD Photos, clips.
Save time by reducing the need or frequency for physical property visits.
Sellers or real estate agents can post virtual tours showcasing properties.
Prospective buyers can virtually view properties at any time, day or night.
Accurate measurements available in 3D model i.e. rooms, furniture, etc.
Prospective buyers can better assess the actual size of space in rooms.
Highlight key features i.e. of furniture, etc, using labels and digital tags.
Reduce travel expenses by facilitating ability to remotely visit properties