3D Capture


Insurers and underwriters develop insurance products. Sales or distribution of these products is either direct, or through intermediaries, such as brokers. Consumers of these products are typically companies or individuals that are owners of assets that. Furthermore, specialist service providers may be employed upon occurrence of certain events within the insurance lifecycle such as claim loss adjustors which are independent claims specialists that investigate complex or contentious claims on behalf of insurers.

3D technology can be employed to create detailed and thorough loss documentation. Eliminating the need for manual measurements, capturing incomplete photos and avoidance of repeat site visits improves efficiency, and leads to faster claim approval. All parties i.e. insurer, intermediary, service providers all benefit from more efficient and faster claim settlement.

At 3D CAPTURE, we can scan and digitise buildings, rooms or physical assets creating digital twins. Useful for different stages of the insurance cycle, like underwriting and claims loss adjusting each digital twin has a date and time stamp, allowing access, viewing, and navigation “as it was” when created.

Some of the key benefits:

Improve the quality and the accuracy of insurance documentation.
Floor plans, Doll house views, etc in addition to HD photos and clips.
Save valuable time by reducing the frequency of physical site visits.
Facilitate collaboration between insurer, broker, loss adjustor, etc.
Better management and monitoring of repairs in remote locations.
Reduce travel expenses by facilitating the use of remote inspections.
Ability to access date and time stamped asset “as was” after event