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facilities management,
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Facilities management affects businesses of all sizes, whether large, medium, small or micro enterprises that have facilities that need to be managed. In broad terms, facilities management entails the practice or coordination of the physical workplace, including the people. It helps ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of buildings, grounds and the infrastructure. 3D scanning technology can assist with effective facilities management contributing to the long-term success of any business. Strategic planning of space and infrastructure can assist business to achieve objectives, reduce costs, and ultimately improve staff productivity. Examples of practical applications are; enhancing induction experiences, visual inventories of physical assets, and optimizing the arrangement and use of office space. Retail describes the sale of a product or service to an individual consumer for personal use. The transaction itself can occur through a number of different sales channels, which includes physical, or brick-and-mortar stores.

At 3D CAPTURE, we can scan and digitize buildings, rooms, equipment and any other physical assets. Our solutions can contribute to; save time, reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve safety, enhance collaboration, improve monitoring and management of equipment and other fixed assets.

Some of the key benefits:

Create a visual inventory of remote buildings, equipment and utilities.
Capability to label and show fixed assets with descriptive digital tags.
Improved layout and space planning, with accurate measurements.
More efficient planning process for design modifications and upgrades.
Save valuable time by reducing the number of physical site visits.
Reduce travel expenses by facilitating ability to do remote inspections.
Creation of files for export to other software i.e. BIM, floor plans, etc.
Remote access promotes collaboration and project management.
Create guided tours of remote facilities for training, inductions, etc.
Create virtual walkthroughs for health and safety, evacuations, etc.